I created the video A State of Transition when my wife decided to shave her head. After receiving her first doses of chemotherapy to help fight breast cancer, she started to lose her hair. The chemicals associated with the chemo not only attacked the cancer cells, it also killed all rapidly growing cells in the body including her hair. Instead of allowing it to fall out in stages, my wife decided she would shave it herself. I knew it would make an interesting art piece for several reasons. For one, she is a hair stylist. I wanted to capture the moment of someone who is passionate about maintaining her own hair about to completely erase it from her head. Second, it would connect with the other series of work about her sickness.

A bald head is traditionally linked to cancer; especially with women. The mirrored plates help illustrate what I witnessed during her illness, but having video that reflected a different moment of time during her recovery I knew would be powerful. I did not direct her. I just hit record and whatever she decided to do in front of the camera I was ready to accept. I realized after watching the finished piece that I had captured an emotional moment of my wife's recovery, something I knew would be stronger than a still photograph.